'Into the woods'

What do you do on a cold and rainy autumn day? Experimenting with watercolor paint at my parents' table with a hot cup of chocolate. How I love that whole looseness of watercolors. Suggestion is very important. Details unimportant. Less is more!

 The white scratches in the distance suggest the trunks of the trees; the blue and faint suggests distance. The color and a little more detail at the bottom give a close-up suggestion. And there we have the depth of field effect! 

‘Live a good life’ 

A big project. Our new dining room has a concrete floor. This made the sounds very loud and hollow. That's why I made this large linen sound-absorbing artwork. What a difference this makes! And that big bare wall was immediately nicely decorated.


28 x 40 inch

‘New Life’ 

A nice assignment. The very beginning of 2 new lives together in 1 image.


12 x 12 inch

The same 2 echoes together on 1 canvas. This version in a slightly tighter and calmer image.


11 x 12 inch


A painting I made during a wonderfully relaxed and educational art retreat with Marieke Kamperman. Opted for popping contrasting colors in a casual environment.


16 x 16 inch


A small still life.


8 x 12 inch

‘New home’

A nice assignment. A watercolor that has been used as an illustration for a moving notice/postcard. The new residents asked me to paint their cat as well. He guards their new home nicely!


4 x 5 inch

‘Poppy field’ 

a small watercolor on a postcard.

4 x 6 inch