HUMAN - Charcoal

'80 years'

Proud and happy with such a father! A small portrait of him as a little boy. I used the drawing to make an invitation. Soon he will be 80 years old! So nice to be able to make an invitation for this special birthday. Handsome man, huh! And... with some wrinkles added, he still is!

‘Welcome to the world, little one!’ 

I was commissioned to draw this portrait of a newborn baby. The client handed this over to the proud grandma and grandpa. From a small photo I made the portrait, here I added something and left it out. For example, I gave the baby a covering sheet. In consultation with my client, I opted for a calm soft charcoal drawing with a matching classic frame.


12 x 12 inch


One of my first charcoal works. A portrait that I really fell in love wit. The look of the man  gave me a sense of “memory”. He seemed to have a melancholic and at the same time happy memory. In this free work I have put this look on paper with charcoal. The drawing has been given a nice clear background in acrylic paint.


'Remembrance is a form of meeting' 

(©ď¸Kahlil Gibran, writer and painter, 1883-1931).


14 x 18 inch

'Red-haired woman'

A work made with multiple mediums. Charcoal, colored pastels, white ink and here and there accents with acrylic paint. A recipe that gives a rough and natural look.


12 x 16 inch


I was commissioned to make the portrait of these cool boys. I chose a high-contrast image with a soft background. I left the clothes as a sketch to keep the portrait a little less 'classic' and more 'playful'.


16 x 16 inch

‘Lovely couple’

I made a portrait of this lovely couple on commission. In consultation with the customer, I opted for a dark background.


16 x 20 inch


Tough, beautiful, self-assured. That's what I thought about the look of this model. It is not clear in the photo whether she had long hair, only the face was visible. I put my own spin on it. Blonde long hair in a tough environment.


12 x 16 inch

‘Free beauty ’ 

For this portrait I used charcoal and water. I occasionally let the charcoal and water go their own way. The free, imperfect structures that emerged emphasize the perfect beauty of this model.


12 x 16 inch

‘Dutch Master Painter’ 

This little study drawing on pigmented paper turned out so well that I framed it. I had found a beautiful old wooden frame. It read “Frans Hals” at the bottom! a well-known painter from the 17th century! That was a nice discovery. Such an old-fashioned frame simply deserves such a beautiful classic portrait.


8 x 10 inch


This is my daughter. Long blond hair, white shirt and light skin and eyes. I could have chosen to make a slightly darker shirt, but I think the much light gives a nice contrast to the rough dark background.


10 x 12 inch


A small charcoal sketch of my idol Bruce Springsteen. Who knows, I may one day make a great work for him, or someone else. One has to keep dreaming, right?!


8 x 10 inch

‘20’s look’

This small drawing was made with mostly graphite pencil. Graphite pencil is not deep black by itself. Only the 'darkest dark', such as the pupils, I mixed with charcoal.


8 x 10 inch

‘Al Pacino’ 

A small rough sketch of Al Pacino's characteristic head.


8 x 10 inch