HUMAN - Acrylics and oilpaint


I love to surprise someone with a painting or drawing. This was a successful gift for the parents of this newborn child. With a few sharp brushstrokes, this beautiful new person came onto canvas. Welcome to the world little one!


12 x 16 inch


Again I made a portrait of my son. This time on canvas with oil paint. A lovely summery face with blond hair. Almost naturally I chose a fresh blue background. My mother-in-law proudly hangs the painting in her living room.


16 x 16 inch


‘Brown Eyed Girl’

In this free work I initially planned to use only charcoal. Gradually I chose color. I followed my gut feeling and opted for a beautifully burnt umber in combination with daring brushstrokes of indigo blue. The color umber brown I have returned in the eyes.


12 x 16 cm