chantal verheijen


How nice of you to visit my page!

Here I can introduce you to my work:

Art on canvas and paper with a keen eye for detail in a casual environment. I look and listen carefully to people and animals, to the world around me and try to discover its own character. Everything and everyone has something unique. And just that unique characteristic of something or someone I try to capture in detail and put this in a loose and free environment.


This is reflected in my work, which is very diverse. Variation in colour, line and structure in balance with the material I use. From charcoal, chalk, watercolor, to oil or acrylic paint. From postcard to large linen canvas.


You’re welcome to view my portfolio at your leisure. In this I tell about the assignments and the free work I have made.

Take your time. Take a moment of rest. Take a look.

In addition to selling individual works, I also do commissioned work. These can be portraits (human & animal), but also assignments such as a drawing or painting of a house, landscape or illustration for a book, folder, postcard, moving announcements and birth card. Feel free to contact me so that we can discuss your wishes, the possibilities and prices.