ANIMAL - Charcoal

‘British shorthair’ 

I made this portrait of her cat for a colleague. I have put this beautiful British Shorthair on paper with charcoal. Charcoal gives this portrait a tough and natural look. Nice to see how moved someone gets when you hand over something so personal.


12 x 12 inch

‘Loyal friend’ 

I was commissioned to make this work. This sweet and loyal animal is immortalized on paper as a beautiful memory. In this portrait I also used graphite in addition to charcoal, which gives the portrait a slightly softer look.


12 x 16 inch


charcoal sketch of a dachshund. This was the initial stage of a large animal portrait with lots of color and many layers. I show a photo of this initial phase because I think it is very beautiful in its purity and simplicity. "Less is more"


16 x 20 inch


A portrait of a particularly beautiful and graceful animal. How beautiful to see the moving face of the owner of this beautiful animal when I handed her the animal portrait.


12 x 16 inch


A nice assignment for a portrait of these two naughty buddies. A little dachshund together with his big friend.


16 x 20 inch

‘Happy friend’ 

It's so nice to be able to surprise a family with a charcoal drawing of their loyal buddy. A happy friend with a wreath of flowers on his head.


10 x 12 inch

‘Curly tail’ 

I was able to surprise my dear friends with this "portrait" of one of their mischievous Kune Kune pigs. In the distance you can see their son. I had a lot of fun making this funny work; and how nice to see how happy they were when I handed them the painting.


12 x 12 inch


For this drawing of a beautiful white horse I mainly used graphite pencil. For the "dark dark" I mixed charcoal with graphite. As soft as a graphite pencil is, it is never as dark as charcoal.


10 x 12 inch

‘Black and white horse’ 

It took some 'black and white thinking' when making this work. Drawing with white 'charcoal' (actually just chalk) on black paper.


10 x 12 inch

’Friendship of a dog’ 

I was commissioned to make this portrait for the owner of this special animal. A precious memory of a loving and faithful friendship between man and dog.


16 x 16 inch

‘Picking your nose is not difficult’

A joke should be allowed, right?!


10 x 12 inch

’Wire-haired dachshund’

A small rough charcoal sketch of a wire-haired dachshund.


6 x 8 inch