ANIMAL - Aquarel

'Younger years'

 A loyal little friend. A loyal buddy who still enjoys her old age. I painted her in her younger years. She now has cataracts and can't see much and is stiff with age. This is part of a beautiful and long life. Often a color background is chosen that makes the portrait pop. For this dog I chose a white background. It gives a naturally soft, light and vibrant image. Despite her light coat, she does not 'disappear' into the background. Mostly I have used earth tones with subtle here and there a bright color for vibrancy.

12x16 inch 


‘German Shepherd’

A nice assignment. What a beautiful head this animal has. The fur blue black, golden brown...and those eyes... A great fun challenge to make a watercolor of this. Watercolor cannot be steered. You cannot correct or paint over a watercolor, such as an oil painting. That means that with a watercolor you have to give the pigment and water freedom. This is what makes a watercolor so special.

30x40 cm

‘Scottish Highlander'

During a walk in a Dutch national park you sometimes come across something... I was able to take a few funny and beautiful pictures of this nosy Parker. Of course I couldn't resist making a watercolor of this beautiful  cow with its beautiful horns and brown golden fur.


12 x 14 inch

‘Three dutch birds’ 

Here I have put 3 beautiful Dutch birds together on a branch. Thanks to the beautiful work of the photographer Thea de Ruijter. See the little spectator at the bottom right?


12 x 16 inch


A loose watercolor of my faithful buddy. A cross Border Collie-Friesian Stabyhoun. A black and white dog that I have given here and there a playful color accent in this watercolor.


12 x 16 inch


Part of a major project. A portrait of a colleague's faithful dog. This will hang together with other watercolors in the waiting room of our veterinary practice. To be continued!


12 x 16 inch

‘German shepherd’ 

The expectant look of this faithful shepherd looking up at his owner, captured in a watercolor.


10 x 10 inch


Again my faithful buddy captured with black and gray pigment mixed with water. With beautiful soft brown eyes.


12 x 12 inch

‘Fairy wren’ 

A beautiful bird for a small project. It is sometimes fun to make small watercolors. I love the color combination here. Warm grey-brown in combination with deep blue. Check out my  cards for more!


6 x 6 inch