"Soms moet je stilstaan 

om verder te gaan dan het pad en de haast je voeren

Verder te zien dan een oogopslag

naar de wereld aan je voeten

Soms moet je stilstaan

bij het gewone

om het bijzondere te begroeten" 

(©️ gedicht op een bordje in het prachtige natuurgebied de 'Weerribben' )


My name is Chantal Verheijen. In daily life I am a  veterinarian and recently also an amateur artist based in The Netherlands. In high school I liked drawing lessons. I was pretty good at it, but didn't do much with it then. Because of the busy life I got afterwards, I forgot that creative side a bit.


Years ago I took the time to stand still more, observe, consciously look and see. In this way I dived into the world of drawing and painting. An art that I have enjoyed making my own since then. I am completely self-taught in this. I got all the information, knowledge and skills just by trial and error. With help of webinars, workshops, online courses and looking closely at professionals, I develop in my own way.


My training and profession as a veterinarian has given me an even sharper eye for the smallest details. What I really like is to put these details in a loose environment. Dare to play with colour, line and structure.


Along the way I am developing my own style. I still enjoy discovering all the possibilities with pigment. You can see this in my work, which is very diverse. Let me take you on this creative journey. If I can create something for you, let me know!


I want to share my art in the hope that it will inspire, motivate, and promote passion in the lives of others. Creating and handing over my art to you is something I enjoy immensely. 


Hope to meet you soon in art!

Love, Chantal